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bad billy band

   ----     Simon    ....    Guitar     ----

Inspired by early folk rock legends of the '60s and '70s, Bad Billy Band was formed by three musicians.

After a few short gigs it was decided to involve further musician to expand the live sound.

Now six years later and three albums done, the band has renewed it's sound once again after saying "good bye" to some of the founding members.

Completely at ease on the stage, no venue is too small or large to cater for this band.

Foot tapping and hart thumping tunes, you don't want to miss this band live.

     ----    Tom   ....   Guitar     ----

bad billy band
bad billy band

 ----   Gaz  ....  Vocals/Guitar    ---- 

Established  in 2010

     ----   Russell   ....   Drums   ----

bad billy band

     ----     Ross     ....     Bass     ----

    About Bad Billy Band

       ----    Liz     ....    Vocals     ----

bad billy band
bad billy band

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